This course provides a foundational basis of spiritual knowledge for personal and professional growth and provides a platform for the exploration of consciousness. Also, on a more fundamental level, it will guide you in the art of spiritual counseling and the ethical, moral and leagal boundries that you need to be aware of as an ordained minister who counsels others. You will also learn a bit about the history of spiritualism as well as how to create and lead a Spiritualist Church Service.

Instructor: Deborah Lindsey  

In this course, students will learn the 7 Great Principles of metaphysics as put forth by Hermes Trismegistus, who is also known as Thoth and the "scribe of the gods”, as put forth in the 1912 publication of "The Kybalion.” These principles form the basis of all metaphysical philosophy and can be found in all major religions throughout the world. These principles, when applied, offer the serious student the ability to transmute their life through the process of alchemy (turning lead into gold). This course will introduce these principles and open the student to a world of conscious creation.

Instructor: Dr. Bruce Vinikas, AP, DOM

The Flower of Life, one of the oldest symbols on earth but only recently discovered, is the pattern of LIFE itself and illustrates the unified connection of spirit and matter. Within the symbol can be found the Golden Mean Ratio and the Five Platonic Solids which together form the foundational building blocks of Nature in our physical universe. Nested within the Flower of Life is the MerKaBa which is your first container, the primary energy field that creates your entire reality. The MerKaBa creates all the denser system-fields you may be familiar with--the chakras, your aura, acupuncture meridians, physical organs, mind, body, emotions. The Merkaba is the leading edge of research into how consciousness affects matter (that means how your intention influences your circumstances). Learning how to consciously attune and activate it can bring major positive life changes, enhance manifestation and siddhi development (super normal ability).

About Your Instructor

Bruce Vinikas is a  Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician. He is also a Flower of Life Facilitator trained by Drunvalo Melchizedek. He is an Initiator of Transcendental Meditation taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and a Delegate of the Resonance Project Foundation of Nassim Haramein. 

by Dr. Carl Johan Calleman 

The Mayan calendar is different from all other calendars in fundamental ways. First, it is not based on astronomical cycles and secondly it does not reflect continuous time. Rather it is a description of how sequences of cosmic energies are driving evolution in different processes from seed to mature fruit. Since these stepwise processes are empirically verifiable it becomes clear to the student of this calendar that we are taking part in a cosmic time plan which has a direction. Hence, the Mayan calendar traces the very basis of prophecy and clarifies where we will be going in the time ahead. 

Instructor: Geoff Byrd, MS

Learn to meditate through the use of a variety of symbols & techniques taken from various religions and ancient mystical practices, which have been adapted for use in contemporary lifestyles. Experienced meditators develop improved physical, mental & emotional states of being, which promote deeper and broader awareness of one's connections to a higher, awakened consciousness.

The ultimate and absolute aim of meditation is direct apperception of Truth characterized by a silent mind, which is known by many names but may perhaps best be described as Self/No-Self, and is a very rare attainment. In the meantime there is value in learning and practicing some of the knowledge and methods that humankind has come to know and use for the benefit of themselves and others from antiquity and into the present. 

A continuation of the Introductory course where students have become familiar with basic and foundational mediation practices and techniques.

It is expected that advanced students will have comfortably integrated the essentials that are common to virtually all meditation traditions and methodologies. Students will by now have established a regular and ongoing practice and are able to cohere Spiritual practice with daily practical applications for overall health and well-being.

In this advanced course less emphasis will be placed on the basics, rather we will be furthering and deepening exploration of numerous Spiritual aims and purposes.

In the Introductory course several approaches were introduced for a "taste" of the variety of tenets for concentrated awareness, contemplation, and mindfulness not just in sitting but extended into one's life, relationships and the World.

We have undertaken to provide the opportunity for direct experience of the rich and illuminating teachers of a number of past masters as well as contemporary teachers. Students are encouraged to pursue your own interests outside of this course directly with these sources as you find your personal resonance with one or more of them.

We are reminded that the ultimate and final aim of a Spiritual Mediation practice is to comprehend, through direct experience, one's own true nature, and that we are indeed ONE with one another and the Source. Not merely an "altered state of consciousness" but rather an Unity with the Pure Potentiality of Consciousness Itself.

The Purposeful Universe by Dr. Carl Johan Calleman

For a fairly long time modern science has presented a view of the universe as fundamentally fragmented, where its different aspects has been studied by different disciplines such as physics, chemistry and biology. This fragmentation differs from the essentially holistic view that the ancient peoples of our planet adhered to which was unified by elements that some would today call mythological or religious. We are however now living in a time where it is again possible to bring the different elements of our understanding in a new and unified view where everything is connected and evolves in purposeful way. This course discusses the wide ranging ramification of the rediscovery of science in 2003 of the Cosmic Tree of Life as a unifying origin of all evolution and helps us understand our purpose in this larger context.

Instructor: Carla L. Rueckert, M.A

When I was channeling the Law of One material from the Ra group, I did not guess that one day I would be teaching its principles. The L/L Research group received the Law of One material in the early 1980s, and it has become a classic in the field of consciousness research. However, it is not easy to read. In 2010 I wrote an entry-level book, Living the Law of One 101: The Choice ( to give seekers an easier run at the material. This will be the text for this class. 

In "Basic Principles of the Law of One”, students will learn about unity, free will, love, and light as well as exploring the ways of polarity and the functions and use of the energy body. A student entering this course can expect to learn how to graduate from third density, the Density of Choice, and go on to fourth density, the Density of Love. I have found the principles of this philosophy to be very helpful in my own life, and I look forward to sharing this information and inspiration with you.